Head Lock Gyro Installation

The BuzzFlyer head locking - or head holding - gyro installation guide.


Fitting the head locking gyro to the ESky King 2

Connections and Settings

Channel 4 = Gyro / Rudder Servo
Channel 5 = Gyro Gain

Attach the brown/red/orange cable to channel 4 and the single yellow wire to Channel 5 on the receiver. Looking at the Gyro pins to the left the top pin is no.1 this will be the white or yellow wire - see image. BuzzFlyer Gyro should be initially set to 50% on the physical gyro - then adjusted if neccesary.

Gyro connections to the receiver


0406A transmitter gyro switch

On the 406A (King, Belt-CP) transmitter there is a switch labelled GYRO SW

When the helicopter is switched on, there is a period when the gyro is setting itself, at this stage do not touch the transmitter or lift the helicopter. When the gyro is set the small blue light on the gyro will turn a constant blue. Once this is complete, the gyro is set.

There are two modes for the gyro: Standard Mode and Head Lock mode. When this switch is in the UP position on the transmitter, this is standard mode. You will find when flying that the helicopter will cock itself into wind - with the tail swinging out - as when using the original spec gyro.

In HL mode the tail will be steadier and hold itself in position regardless of wind direction or the speed of your turns. The helicopter will feel much more controllable and enable you to fully exploit its aerobatic potential in 'idle-up' mode.

When setting up for the first time, you may need to adjust the gyro settings as the tail may wag. Take a small screw driver and adjust the gain manually on the small dial on the gyro. Tail wag may also be caused by having the rudder linkage position on the tail servo arm too far out - move the connection in to correct this (8-9mm should be sufficient).

Note: When in Head Lock mode you will notice the tail servo arm slide to one side - this is normal. You can adjust the transmitter rudder trim to compensate for this. In some cases you may have to adjust the servo on the boom to trim. Loosen the screws for the servo clamps and either move the servo up or down the boom.

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