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CAA Drone Flying Safety Guidance

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You are legally responsible for the safe conduct of each flight.

Take time to understand the rules - failure to comply could lead to a criminal prosecution.

It is illegal to fly your unmanned aircraft over a congested area (streets, towns and cities). Also, stay well clear of airports and airfields.

Before each flight check that your unmanned aircraft is not damaged, and that all components are working in accordance with the Supplier's User Manual.

Don't fly your unmanned aircraft within 50m of a person, vehicle, building or structure, or overhead groups of people at any height.

You must keep the unmanned aircraft within your sight at all times.

Think about what you do with any images you obtain as you may breach privacy laws. Details are available from the Information Commissioner's Office.

You are responsible for avoiding collisions with other people or objects - including aircraft.

Do not fly your unmanned aircraft in any way that could endanger people or property.

If you intend to use an unmanned aircraft for any kind of commercial activity, you must get a 'Permission' from the Civil Aviation Authority, or you could face prosecution. For more details, visit

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