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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you'll find just a few of the recently asked questions from people looking at buying a drone, or recently purchased one of our multirotor aerial platforms. If you don't see an answer to your question here and you need help, please do feel free to contact us.

Your Questions

  • My batteries are fully charged but they are only giving a few minutes flight?

    This is common when Li-Po batteries have been stored fully charged over long periods of time. Always storage charge your batteries when not in use.

  • Are multi-rotors difficult to fly?

    Multi-rotors are generally a lot more stable than RC Helicopters and with the addition of GPS this makes them fairly easy to fly even for somebody with little RC experience.

  • I don’t know which multi-rotor to go for?

    Give us a call on 01787 319 999, our sales team can help you choose the product that is right for you.

  • Can I return a product?

    Yes, products must be returned unused and in the original packaging.

  • What is the difference between the DJI Phantom 3 Advance and Professional?

    The DJI Phantom Professional comes with a 4k camera and a more powerful battery charger. The DJI Phantom Advance will record up to 1080p resolution. See a more detailed guide here.

  • Why do I need to wait for satellites before takeoff?

    It is very important to wait for adequate satellite fix before takeoff so the home point can be accurately saved. Not doing so can lead to failsafe and return to home functions being unreliable.

  • Do I need to calibrate the compass before every flight?

    It is recommended to calibrate before each flight and especially when flying in a new location.

  • What happens if my DJI Phantom Vision+ battery goes flat during flight?

    When the battery gets low you will be alerted through the Phantom Vision APP. If the warnings are ignored, depending on the settings the Phantom will either come back to the home point or eventually make a descent at its current location when the battery is exhausted.

  • How far can I fly my multi-rotor?

    You should keep your multi-rotor within visual line of sight or within 500m, whichever is less. You should fly below 400ft or visual line of sight, again whichever is less.

  • Is the altitude measured from sea level?

    No, the altitude is measured from ground level.

  • What happens if my Phantom goes out of range?

    If RC signal is lost during flight the Phantom will go into failsafe and return to the home point or until RC signal is regained.

  • What is the largest device I can use on the Phantom 3 or Inspire 1?

    The device holder will support Smartphone’s or tablets up to iPad Air.

  • What happens if I crash my multi-rotor?

    We carry spares for all our products and can assist you with any repairs. We also offer in house repairs with test facilities.

  • Do I need insurance to fly my multi-rotor / RC helicopter?

    For recreational use you do not need insurance but it is advised to join the BMFA which will provide you with civil liability and personal accident insurance. For commercial use you will need to obtain a commercial license and insurance cover. Please contact us for further details.

  • Why is the picture on my Black Pearl 7” Monitor flickering/scrolling?

    Please check the PAL/NTSC settings are correct on both the monitor and camera.