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DJI Phantom 1 How-To Videos:

1. DJI Phantom Unboxing & Assembly:

DJI-Phantom 1

DJI Phantom Unboxing & Assembly unboxing the Phantom, charging the battery, and assembling the airframe.

2. DJI Phantom Pre Flight Checklist:

DJI Phantom Pre Flight

DJI Phantom pre-flight checklist. Includes: Power on transmitter, power on phantom, calibrating the compass.
What the LEDs indicate. Satellite reception.

3. DJI Phantom First Flight:


DJI Phantom first flight. Includes take-off procedure. Familiarising yourself with the transmitter controls and orientation of the Phantom and a trial landing.

4. DJI-Phantom-Flight-Modes:


DJI-Phantom flight modes: Explaining the difference between 'attitude mode' and 'GPS attitude mode' with flying demonstration.

5. DJI Phantom Intro to IOC:


DJI Phantom Introduction to intelligent orientation control flight mode (IOC). Explains how this advanced system works. Includes home lock mode and course lock mode.
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