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ESky 0406A Tx, 0420A and 0704 Gyro Guide:

A guide to the standard radio control gear that comes with the ESky King/King 2 and Belt-CP.

  • ESky Transmitter - EK2-0406A
  • ESky Receiver - EK2-0420A
  • ESky Pro Gyro - EK2-0704
How to ESky Transmitter EK2-0406A guide
  1. IDLE UP - Normal or Stunt 3D mode (towards back is Normal).
  2. PITCH TRIM knob - to increase or decrease the pitch trim of main rotors.
  3. GYRO switch to turn the gyro OFF or ON (not functional with ESky Pro gyro)
  4. LEFT CONTROL STICK (Throttle & Rudder) - UP to increase rotor speed and apply positive pitch to main blades - DOWN to decrease rotor speed and apply negative pitch. Push LEFT to turn helicopter nose left and push RIGHT to turn helicopter nose right.
  5. TRIMS - one for each control axis - for fine tuning main controls (trimming).
  6. CRYSTAL BOX - houses radio frequency crystal (X'tal)
  7. LED transmitter voltage Indicator
  8. TRAINER SWITCH - for switching control between two connected transmitters.
  9. THROTTLE CURVE PITCH knob to increase your throttle Pitch range. Turn anti-clockwise to DECREASE throttle motor RPM curve. Turn clockwise to INCREASE throttle rotor rpm curve.
  10. RIGHT CONTROL STICK (Elevator & Aileron) - Up to make the helicopter tilt forward. Pull it back to make the helicopter tilt backward. Move it left to make the helicopter tilt left (and move sideways) and right to tilt right.
  11. POWER ON/OFF switch (applies to transmitter only)
  12. REVERSE SWITCHES - to control direction of movement of servos connected to the receiver.
0406a switches
0406a controls
0406a reverse switches

Correct positions of the transmitter reverse switches for standard setup on the Honey Bee King and King 2.
0420A receiver connections
esky 704 gyro settings

The EK2-0704 is the standard gyro on the Honey Bee King/ Cool and Belt-CP. The reverse switch should be switched to REV. The gain can be adjusted to correct movements of the tail. THe red indicator light will flicker when the helicopter is first connected, then go to solid red when the calibration process is complete.
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