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Getting Started 1:

If you've not flown a 4 channel RC helicopter before, this guide will show you how the transmitter inputs control the movements of the model.

The Controls...

The left stick (throttle), when moved up, will increase the speed of the rotors and cause the helicopter to lift. On helicopters with collective pitch it will also change the angle of the blades, creating more responsive vertical movements.
The left stick when moved side to side (rudder) controls the direction of the helicopter, turning it about its centre axis. The nose of the helicopter follows the direction of movement of the stick
The right stick when moved from side to side will tilt (roll) the helicopter from side to side in the same way that an aileron works on a plane. Moving it to the right tilts the model right and vice versa.

The vertical movement of the right stick (elevator) tilts the helicopter fore and aft. Moving the stick forward tilts helicopter forward, and vice versa.

These control inputs are correct for mode 2 radio setups - as standard in the UK.

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