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BuzzFlyer Swash Plate Level Tool:

BuzzFlyer have produced this swash tool to make setting up of the ESKY Honey Bee King and Belt-CP much easier. Note when doing these adjustments its always safest to disconnect the main motor.
swash level tool rotor head removal
With this tool you can easily and safely adjust the swash plate to gain correct level and to achieve greater precision in flying. First remove the head from the helicopter, you will need an allen driver or key to remove the bolts from the head and shaft.
rotor head removal rotor head removal
Then undo linkages from the swashplate and fully remove the head from the shaft. You will also need to unscrew and remove the servo control rods from the swash plate.
swash level tool

With the radio on, and sticks and trims centred (apart from throttle trim), make sure the servo horns on the servos are level (centred). Now re-attach the swash plate to the servo control rods. Slide the swash plate level tool down the shaft, large end facing down, so the outer rim sits on the top of the outer balls of the swash plate. If you see any gaps go to the next step.

swash level tool

Your aim is to get the level tool to sit evenly on the swash. To achieve this, detach the linkages again and adjust the length of the control rods by turning the ends. Repeat until the tool has even contact with the swash at each point.

Once level, re-fit the rotor head - ensuring all linkages are correctly re-attached. Then test hover. Some minor transmitter trim adjustments maybe still be necessary once in flight.

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